Summer Collection, 80 Hour Large Jars

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The smell of walking through a citrus orchard that people simply cannot get enough of. The air is alive with a sun-kissed symphony of citrus heaven, including: juicy oranges and mouth-watering grapefruits! A touch of peach, paired with floral notes from soft cherry blossoms, and the elegant hydrangea. Sun-Kissed Orchard is ideal for spring and summer, and is guaranteed to be a favorite in your home!


Imagine the perfect spring day: warm with not a cloud in the sky. You breathe in the sweet smell of fresh lilac blossoms as a gentle breeze grazes your face and the sun warms your skin. Ahhhh... relaxing and wonderful. You can have that beautiful, spring day any time of the year with Lilac Blossoms.


The smell of perfectly ripe peaches that are juicy and absolutely delicious. Georgia Peach is light and fresh, and smells like it came straight from the peach tree.


Close your eyes and indulge in the irresistible aroma of Blueberry Cheesecake. This scent is like a dessert dream come true. Sweet, creamy cheesecake mingles with the tart pop of mouth-watering blueberries, dusted with a pinch of spice. A hint of graham cracker crumb adds a delightful touch of buttery crunch, creating a scent that's both inviting and unforgettable.


Take a trip down memory lane with Orange Creamsicle! A burst of juicy orange ignites your senses, instantly evoking the sunshine-filled days of childhood. Sweetness swirls in next, like a sprinkle of sugar on a summer afternoon. Finally, vanilla and marshmallow weave a creamy dream, rounding out the fragrance. This nostalgic blend isn't just a scent, it's a bridge to simpler times, filled with carefree laughter and sticky fingers.